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We believe to achieve your fitness goal you need to have a well-rounded fitness regimen and have muscle confusion.



TRX is for all fitness levels.  It uses suspension, and your body resistance.  Developed by a former Navy Seal, it improves your total-body strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and core stability.  Modifications can be made for all fitness levels.



Spin is bike riding brought indoors.  It is a cardiovascular endurance class and burns those calories.  Don’t be intimated if this is new to you.  Our instructions will guide you through the process, and modifications can be made for all fitness levels.  This is your cardio workout!  Enjoy a 30 to 60-minute class choreographed to fun music.  Each song has a new routine.


Weight Training

Weight training is a full body workout using weights or kettlebells to build strength and muscle.  It will tone your muscles as well as burn fat.  Our classes are the best in the area built by our creative instructors.  You will never be bored and will always be challenged.  Modifications can be made for all fitness levels (5 lb. weight minimum).




Class Descriptions


TRX Resistance

A TRX workout including intervals of cardio and weight training exercises using weights, and bands…must wear sneakers.


TRX & Pilates Stick

A combination of TRX and Pilates Stick.  It’s a total body workout.  Build and tone your upper body. Strengthen and shape your lower body.


TRX & Barre

30 minutes of TRX training with 30 minutes of Barre. Challenge the whole body with these two unique ways of exercising…must wear sneakers.


Stability Ball & Sculpt

A whole body workout using the large stability ball and free weights…must wear sneakers.


TruFit Weight Training

An hour of exercises using weights (minimum 5lbs.) to get those extra pounds off...make you sweat...and feel good about!!! All are welcome. Modifications will be given for those who need them…must wear sneakers.


TruFit Spin

1-hour cardio workout. Choreographed to fun music. Every song has a different routine. Burn calories, firm thighs and butt. this is your cardio workout!!!! …must wear sneakers or spin shoes.


TruFit Spin & Sculpt

30 minutes cardio workout on the Spin bike, followed by 30 minutes weight training. Full body workout…must wear sneakers or spin shoes.


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